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Subject Line: Money, abundance, prosperity, and wealth...
Money, abundance, prosperity, and wealth...

Could you attract more of these success factors into your life? You've probably heard about the usual tools like positive thinking and affirmations, but don't you still feel stuck?

You have the right to enjoy a prosperous life. But how can you attract the abundance you know you deserve?
Through their own tales, beliefs, values, experiences, and obstacles, the authors of "Pardon Me, I'm Prospering" examine the true meaning of ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for prosperity. Our team of experts want to share their life experience, history, upbringing, jobs, careers, values, and beliefs -- to enable you to experience your own abundance, success, happiness, and wealth.

These authors reveal their one-of-a-kind "prosperity code" in their amazing way to help us establish what is real and right for us and model our own ideals in our daily lives.
  • Plan Your Dreams & Pursue Your Passion | Rebecca McCarthy
  • Change Your Mindset & Take Control of Your Destiny | Belinda Bice
  • From Dementia to Dreams to Destiny | Ailsa Tyler-Whiteman
  • Online Business Success Formula to Create a Passive Income | George de la Cour
  • Overcome the Invasion of Your Mind | Elize Fourie
  • Loss, Love & A Leap of Faith | Lourens Malan
  • Boost Your Confidence to Boost Your Career | Tracy Travis
  • Prosper Through Self-Hypnosis — Solve Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Happiness & Motivation | Joanne Sanders
  • Massively Prosper By Taking Massive Action | David Cavanagh
  • Personal Reinvention & Prosperity | Pat Mesiti

"Pardon Me, I'm Prospering" will help you attract abundance in all areas of your life so that you can enjoy more happiness, love, riches, and success.

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Subject Line: More to Prosperity Than Meets The Eye?
I want to help you attract health, prosperity, love, and success into your life.

Despite all this, do you feel trapped, despite the usual tools like "positive thinking" and "affirmations?"

What do you seek? Are those goals and milestones out of reach for you, despite your efforts? You deserve to be prosperous. But how do you make it happen? How do you, personally, attract abundance into YOUR life?

The secret and the answer is our new book: "Pardon Me, I'm Prospering." This book's stories give you the life experience, history, upbringing, jobs, careers, and values and beliefs that you need to find the abundance, success, happiness, and wealth you deserve.

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Subject Line: What does success mean to you?
Your life's story will be strongly affected by how you define success. Success may not be what you expect!

On your path to success, you will experience numerous failures. But, what if I told you that you are missing a step in your journey? Is that the reason you feel "stuck?"

Change can be scary, but without change, you will stay where you are. Which is worse?
Honest question: Have you given your life's decisions any thought?

You can achieve anything you want if you make a firm decision to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Think about what you want and need to do, and then get out there and "just do it."

This new book -- Pardon Me, I'm Prospering -- will provide you with an unprecedented definition and comprehension of abundance, success, happiness, and wealth. It's filled with stories of aspiring people with similar goals as you: to attract Abundance, Happiness, Health, Joy, Friendship, Fulfillment, and Wealth into every aspect of your life. What do you think?

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Subject Line: Take massive action and prosper massively
Do you doubt yourself? Even sometimes?

Have you felt hopeless and uninspired? Unsure of your future, or what to do with your life?
Here's a quick secret: Your change comes from within...

It is your responsibility to act passionately and to the best of your ability. You must attain your goals, desires, and outcomes...

It's time for you to listen to your "inner self." Listen: if you make a decision, take action, and do whatever it takes to finish something, you can do anything in life.

Sounds easy enough, right? But, you know you need help to get to where you want to go...

"Pardon Me, I'm Prospering" is our new book that will provide you with an unprecedented definition and comprehension of abundance, success, happiness, and wealth...

Take action and prosper massively!
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Subject Line: your dreams and passions?
What dreams and desires do you have? I'm sure you have wanted to follow your passions or aspirations, but at times, you weren't sure how to do it...

It's time for you to develop that strong desire and attitude, to help you succeed and encourage you to follow your passion...

You must grow and become better, no matter how long it takes!

You will fail many times on your journey to success, but your development can come from unexpected and surprising places. Plan to permit yourself to fail, to help you continue with your journey...

Can I help you to take ownership of your dreams and passion?

The key is to claim your access to my new book, "Pardon Me, I'm Prospering." I will provide you with knowledge on how you will succeed in pursuing your dreams and attract abundance, happiness, health, joy, fulfillment, and wealth into every aspect of your life. Check out Pardon Me, I’m Prospering, and be truly ready to plan your dreams and pursue your passion!
Subject Line: outcomes for you
Has a traumatic event had a significant impact on your life?

Have you recovered from that trauma already? What steps are you taking to solve the problem?

You might experience triggers that send you back to the start of the healing process. Don't stop. Process it, learn from it, and keep going...

With each failure, you will gain experience, and you must use dissatisfaction as motivation to move forward...

When you use your pain to teach you lessons, you allow your pain to help change your mindset...

I have experienced abuse. Get this book to find out about the lessons I can share with you from my healing process. You can be ready to pursue your dreams and attract abundance, happiness, health, joy, fulfillment, and wealth into every aspect of your life...
Check out Pardon Me, I’m Prospering, and learn how you can Change Your Mindset & Take Control of Your Destiny:
Ailsa Tyler-Whiteman
Subject Line: dementia
Caring for a loved one with dementia poses challenges for a family and caregiver such as yourself...

No matter your situation, you can begin enjoying life again without feeling like you are drowning in stress.

Picture a life where you enjoy quality sleep, adequate time off to do what you desire, and receiving the carer "relief" that you need to continue...

We have practical strategies for dealing with the troubling behavior problems, and communication difficulties often encountered when caring for a person with dementia...
I needed to collaborate with other carers to discuss better ways of coping, relieving depression, and despair, finding help, and relieving that endless weariness -- to look after my mother...

I want to show you how I assist carers in obtaining help, support, rest, and relief while they await placement for their loved ones in an Aged Care facility...

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Subject Line: Grow Your Business While Generating Passive Income
Are you stuck in a job or career you don't enjoy?
Have you worked hard for years? Did you get to where you want to go?
It's never too late. Seize the opportunity and change your circumstances. Your time is now, and your opportunity is here.

Start your business now. This is your perfect opportunity to showcase your passion and knowledge about your products. Grow your business. Earn passive income on the side. You can create passive income streams. Just listen to me!

Believe in yourself. Permit yourself. Commit to succeed. Today is your day to start your own business!

Check out our new book... "Pardon Me, I’m Prospering." It will show you how to succeed. You can pursue your dreams. You can attract abundance, happiness, health, joy, fulfillment, and wealth into every aspect of your life and be truly ready to plan your steps to achieve your best life.

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Subject Line: Rise above and achieve success
Are you prepared to achieve success in life? (Yes or no?)

What's the difference between those who have goals, versus those who don't?

Here's an idea: how you respond to life's events impacts your success.

If you want a successful future, you must have the right mindset, life skills, and lifestyle...
Of course, you will face difficulties in many forms. Your ability to endure hardship determines your success...

I have a new book I want to share with you. "Pardon Me I'm Prospering" contains my advice for you to overcome your obstacles and hardships...

"Pardon Me, I'm Prospering" contains effective techniques for conquering life's obstacles and reaching your desired outcomes...

It is time for you to respond positively to your hardship to usher in a purposeful, fulfilling, and victorious new existence... get a copy of this book now if you want to unleash your greatness:
Subject Line: Clarity Beyond Chaos
Can you not move forward? Do you want to get over your fears and move on?
Many people find it hard to sort through the "mind mess" that comes from mixing their wishes, desires, dreams, and realities...

They use their present situation as an excuse not to do anything...

Whether it's about family life, close relationships, love, children, money, illness, painful states, or finding peace in oneself and the world, the book's message is clear and brings the reader back to the idea that clarity and exploring a perspective in life  can help solve life's problems in easy and helpful ways...

I have had my own struggles and battles in life, but I found clarity. Change his hard, stressful, and frustrating. But you can break through into calm and hope.
I want to tell you about it in my new book, "Pardon Me, I'm Prospering." It contains the right amount of personal stories, how-to advice, and techniques that you can use to get unstuck in your own life.

Dare to be happy and embrace clarity. Get this book today and enjoy the ride. Download your book now, at:
Subject Line: How I Boosted my Confidence and Prospered (confession)
Have you felt "unconfident" about one thing or another?

Maybe it's a new career path or life decision... but here's the secret:every decision takes a toll on you...

Here's a question: What can change your life for better or for worse? Do you still have the confidence to pursue your decisions?

Confession: I had believed OTHERS were worthy, but not me...
Have you seen others achieve massive goals? Why not you? How will you know you it unless you try?

I want to get your confidence to soar. Claim a copy of my new book, "Pardon Me I’m Prospering." I molded my personal development journey and attained the confidence I always wanted to have in her life. What about you?

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Subject Line: Self-Hypnosis -> Prosperity
How the heck would self-hypnosis help you?

Do you know anyone who complains insecurities in life? Is that you?
Is life "unfair" for you?

A sad reality: continuous negative thoughts will slowly creep you up and mess you up bigger than you expected...

It will start to cast doubt, hate, anger, and bitterness. You will doubt your upcoming life goals and achievements...

That’s where self-hypnosis can help you. Imagine what you can do with this natural occurrence in a controlled environment, on purpose, to get the mindset you want and heal your mind and heart...

Your subconscious mind stores your life experiences and beliefs. This is where your problem lies and, until now, will continue to ruin your life.

What are your choices?

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